Huesteria® Palette v1.0

With an extensive selection of 1,608 hand-selected colors in both vibrant and neutral tones, this printed color blanket includes LAB color values that can be inputted directly into the our Customization Tool or your graphics program to help you achieve predictable and repeatable color.

The Huesteria Palette is available on our full array of fabrics, allowing you to visualize how your selected cloth will accept colors prior to design sampling. Generously sized at 51″ x 35”.

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Fabric Guide

We’ve spent years sourcing our base cloths from the world’s finest mills. Each fabric has passed an array of commercial-grade tests for strength, washing, and abrasion. Our digital printing process produces vividly saturated prints in exceptional detail. The recommended end uses shown are based on standards for industry testing. The printable area for all fabrics is 54” wide.

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Pattern Design Glossary

Have you ever wondered what those tags in our Design Library mean? Welcome to our Pattern Design Glossary, where we break down each tag into simple terms. Each definition represents the motif, style, or technique that inspired the printed design.

Want to dive deeper? Check out our Textile Design Guide blog series!

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