Time to make your designs shine … literally!

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On March 21st, we were honored to help our friends at Koroseal host the latest SEGD member quarterly event. SEGD stands for Society for Experiential Graphic Design. Click here to learn more about Experiential Graphic Design and the SEGD. Experiential Graphic Design is a discipline where Graphic Designers help Architecture firms create welcoming and beautiful spaces. If you are a graphic artist of any kind, this is a great community to check out!   Koroseal, SEGD Members and WeaveUp staff discuss the benefits of the WeaveUp platform and how we help companies like Koroseal improve their work flows, and designers like SEGD Members create the perfect spaces with our Customization Tool. Earlier in the week, SEGD members got to test the WeaveUp platform by hand-selecting fun designs and putting them through our powerful Customizing Tool. Koroseal printed the designs on their privately developed and owned factory using the latest and greatest digital printing technology. Koroseal carries the best variety of commercial wallpaper in the US. Including amazing metallics that elevate any space's design. We couldn't help getting excited by the opportunities that digital printing on these amazing Koroseal products bring to our Independent Artists. Imagine someone's work being used in large spaces like hotels and high-end medical facilities!  Designer Tip: for metallic wallpaper applications, Koroseal's digital print technology replaces the white color in the design.   Koroseal products are available for the Architectural, Interior Design and similar trades. If you are interested in the Koroseal products for your commercial projects, you can locate your nearest representative here. Designs Featured in this Post

Create a Design in under 3 minutes!

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If you are in the market for an easy way to create seamless repeats, and would like to spend a short amount of time creating them, you are in the right place! Start designing like a pro with this quick and easy video tutorial! You will need a version of Adobe Illustrator. Simply follow these quick and easy steps:

Playing with Fun Geometrics

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The always fun geometric presence is strong this season, suitable for home decoration and fashion, these types of prints are not only versatile, but super fun and clean. With our Customization Tool, you can change up the colors, scale and repeat of a design, a fun, bold design can easily be turned into a more sophisticated and grown up print: Here at the WeaveUp Headquarters, we've noticed a trend with fun geometrics, inside and outside of our community: Simple, clean decor with a punch of fun geometric provides the perfect balance between minimalistic and fun: Modern nature-inspired home decor with white walls, posters, cork accessories, wooden floor, bed, rack and green details Modern creative room decorated with wooden accessories Bright modern room with creative paper lamp and pastel decoration Ikea Designers and buyers have also been busy creating fun shapes with geometric feel: Ella and Fox Sarah Corynen Nancy Wolff  

Winter Collection

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Did you recently visit our home page and noticed the lovely collection of pillows on the sofa? Believe it or not, most of those designs were created by various artists, and curated/color customized by our WeaveUp Design Team! We started by researching and selecting some fun colors: Then, found some prints that would reflect fun, winter, and sophistication, here are some of our favorites: Fans by BEM Splashed Out by Jessica Neira Handcraft A by byNevin Jagged Spots by Rana Yielding Lines by Monica Guerrero Checked 011 by MKDesigns Linen Texture by Sarah Gruber   Interested in viewing the entire collection? Here's a link to the Design Board!

  • learn how to digitize your hand drawn image and balance the light with Photoshop

WeaveUp’s Guide to Design: Balancing Light

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Learn how balancing light in your image will help you get better printed results. WeaveUp's Guide to design will teach you how to set up your work properly using various tools and design basics. We've broken this guide into a series of multiple short & simple posts that will be easy to follow and take you steps closer to creating the design of your dreams.  Lighting: Hand drawn or painted designs will need to be digitized somehow, typically, these designs are either photographed or scanned. Something to note about both is that various devices will have different outputs. The ideal form for WeaveUp is a resolution of 150DPI or above. Step 1 Digitize your image: For this post, we photographed this Flamingo drawing, and opened the photo in Photoshop. If you look close, the background of this image has uneven lighting.   Step 2 Adjust Brightness & Contrast: Open your image in Photoshop, then click on: Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. A Box will pop-open, using the sliders, give your image more light and contrast. Every image will need different adjustments, sliding the arrow to the right-hand side will increase the brightness and contrast, sliding it to the left will decrease it. Step 3 Using a Brush: sometimes the previous step is not enough to completely even out the lighting, in this case, we also recommend trying a soft brush. Step 4 Finishing Touches: Once the background's light is as even as possible, adjusting the brightness and contrast one last time will help finish this process.

  • Happy National Pet Day from WeaveUp

Happy National Pet Day from WeaveUp!

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Here at the WeaveUp headquarters, we have a team member who comes to work every day on 4 short legs. Rescued by our CMO, Steve DeSantis, Sophie is our resident pet. Sophie is a 9-year old Basset Hound who loves to go on walks to the tennis courts behind our building and find stray tennis balls. She has a whole collection in our office! Sophie is one of many of our WeaveUp Pets, and this post is to honor them. Because, let's face it - they make our lives happier! EDDIE This is Eddie: the sweet, loving menace who's always always knocking knick knacks over, stealing food, or sleeping sprawled in the middle of the hallway. He belongs to our developer, Ben's parter's mom, and is one of Ben's favorite fur babies. COOKIE Cookie is the adorable baby that belongs to our designer, Rana. One of Cookie's quirks: she sits next to Rana and puts one paw on her leg. This is known as "the paw of ownership" (because she's claiming her human). She's 9 pounds of love and fun; her favorite things are wrestling with toys and getting belly rubs! GOOSE This is Goose, he belongs to Zach, our Lead Developer, this kitty is part Maine Coon {look at his cute ears!}, and weights 20lbs. His favorite relaxing spot is inside the kitchen cabinets where Zach keep his pots and pans, he loves quiet, cool places, but he also seems to love to hang out with Zach near his laptop, we bet he can develop websites a little bit too! SNUGGLES, APOLO, MATTIE, LUCY, CURLY & THE ZOO Snuggles, Curly, Lucy, Apollo and Mattie; these doggies are part of an 8-dog pack that belong to Eloisa, our Web Content Manager. Eloisa also has 2 bunnies and hens; and they all live on a couple of acres, so they have plenty of room to roam! - Did we mention our team loves animals? DINAH This is Dinah: our developer, Damien's 6 lb. full grown cat. She goes by "Princess Baby Cat" and "Tiny Cat," because of her size. She's also know as "Miss Persnickety," because even though she is very proper and polite, she is incredibly particular and ridiculously spoiled; which leads to some occasional sassiness. BUDDY Buddy belongs to our developer, Jared. He's 10 years old and is the sweetest dog there is! When Jared and his new family decided to hit the road for new adventures, Buddy adopted Jared's parents. But don't worry! They get to see each other very often; and this makes the relationship even more special. He's so lucky to have so many humans that care for him! It looks like we aren't alone in the love of animals! Check out these really cool designs inspired by pets from our wonderful independent designers: Kitty in the Flower Bed by HannaFate French Bulldog by ElliotDesignFactory Flower and Chicken by Shabnam_am Sophie by Janie Puppies by Pamelachi Scotties by ElliotDesignFactory

  • WeaveUp color of the month April 2018: Millennial Pink

Color of the Month: Millennial Pink

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Whether you're redecorating a space, or looking for what to wear, you know you can't go wrong with Millennial Pink these days. We found some amazing images to help you get inspired with this soft, tranquil and trendy color scheme and also created an awesome design board for inspiration. Try some of these color codes in our customization tool and see what you can come up with! Here are some beautiful prints to get you started: Palm Leaves Fabric - by MirabellePrint Rose Flower Pattern Fabric - by NMalkani Subtle Moire 2 Fabric - by BBKolanz Psychedelic Victorian Fabric - by HannaFate

  • weaveup summertime snacks

What We’re Loving: Summertime Snacks

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Remember a few weeks back when we asked you to share your favorite summertime snacks?  You answered our call, and today we're excited to showcase some of your delectable designs!

  • Make your own GOT Costume with WeaveUp

How To Create Your Own #GOT Cosplay

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The recently wrapped seventh season of Game of Thrones proved every bit worth the hype. We were especially impressed with the costume design, which got us thinking - if we were creating a #GOT cosplay, what character would we want to be? Read on to see some of our favorite looks from the series and which custom fabric we would use to create the perfect cosplay!

  • summemrtime snacks weaveup

Share your summertime snack designs

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We're reaching peak summer here in Durham, NC. That means popsicles, tomato sandwiches, watermelon, juicy peaches, and endless lemonade. Whether it's a workday lunch or a weekend picnic, we're seriously digging summertime snacks. What are your favorite summer munchies? Show us in a surface design! Read on to learn more.