We love our Artists.

We curate hundreds of designs daily, and place them in select offerings in
various platforms. Your designs could be sold on any of our partner’s pages,
providing you with free promoting and visibility for the world to purchase.

How it Works

You Create.

With our powerful Customization Tools, WeaveUp is the best place to unleash your creativity. Submit your artwork for our Design Library and get sound feedback from professionals on your designs.

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We Curate.

WeaveUp is a transparent, creative community. When you submit your design to be published into our Design Library, our team will provide you with the best critique possible to ensure your design is successful.

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We All Sell.

Curated Designs are sold on WeaveUp, and in our Partners’ programs, our team works hard to hand-select and promote designs for each channel. Artists receive a portion of every sale once approved.

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Oh, the Possibilities!

Some call it technology, some call it magic, why not both? With our platform, your designs come to life and can be customized to help fit more than one need. What you get:

  • No sample order required, ever.
  • Color customize designs with 12 colors or fewer, immediately.
  • Customize by scale and repeat any design in our website.
  • Have your design be professionally curated.
  • Work with multiple partners, see your designs in tons of places!
  • Make 3 – 10% commission on net sales.
  • No pay schedule required, once your account hits $20 or more, request your money via PayPal!
  • Connect with other designers.
  • Our Marketing and Design teams work tirelessly to place your designs in front of partners on your behalf.


WeaveUp is a diverse, global marketplace where artists sell their designs. We partner with companies around the globe to give designs visibility and help designers elevate their business. Commissions become available 45 days after they post in your account and can be used towards purchases or payments via PayPal once your account hits $20 or more.

Where Sold NET Commission
WeaveUp.com 200 yds/mtrs or less 10%
WeaveUp.com 201 yds/mtrs or more 3%
Partners 1 yd/mtr or more 3%

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Join a Growing Artist Community.

Our community is growing daily! Now is your chance to belong and help shape how WeaveUp Artists experience our platform. Join us below:

Get Exposure.

When your designs are curated, we work hard to bring you visibility and promote your work for free. Qualified designs can be shared and offered in different client platforms, including some JOANN In-Store stock!

Our Marketing and Design teams work with our partners to bring unique designs to their platforms, appropriate to their products. We serve clients from the hospitality and retail industry.

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  1. Create your artwork. Help.
  2. Upload it to WeaveUp.
  3. Submit it for Publication.
  4. Your design gets Curated. Help.
  5. Your design is available for sale!
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